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Ah… It’s February and the month of Valentine’s Day when Americans spend over $18 Billion to tell their loved ones how much they love them. And if that isn’t enough, we spend another $703 Million showing our 4 legged furry friends that we love them too with treats and toys.

WOW! Those numbers are staggering to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Valentine’s Day. But how about this year, we just pause for a brief moment before we buy flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry, etc. and ask ourselves, “What would happen if I passed away… if I was no longer here for my loved ones?”

Did you leave your loved ones with life insurance or stuffed teddy bears holding a heart that says I love you? I know, I know, this is really harsh. But you can’t and should not ignore this question. And more importantly, you need to do something if you haven’t already. The amount of money you spend annually may actually cover a small Term Life policy. But please don’t stop there.

Budgeting for Life Insurance can happen if you think of it in these helpful ways: You can give up your cup of Gourmet Coffee Daily. The average salary increase is 2% annually so apply that increase to your Life Insurance Budget. Review luxury bills like Cable and see if you can choose a lesser package to cover the cost of life insurance. Start small if you have to but love your family enough to do something about it. I’m sure giving them a handwritten note this Valentine’s Day that tells them how much you love them will be cherished.

Showing them that if anything did happen to you unexpectedly that they could have enough funds to help pay a mortgage or send kids to college or at least have a few months or years of income until they can learn to survive on their own would be a wonderful Valentine’s gift.

Make this February the month of protecting your loved ones! I wish you much love to you and your loved ones during February and the rest of the year!


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