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I’m so proud of the country we live in and the freedoms we all share in our day to day lives. As a Veteran who served for our country, I would like to thank the men and women who have and are still serving to protect those rights. Your sacrifice is acknowledge by all of us here at INA Benefits Group! As all of us celebrate this Fourth of July, I hope you take time to pause and reflect on our freedoms and rights that so many across the world do not have. I’ll be participating in our local Ridgefield, WA July 4th city parade and activities because I believe in connecting with our local leaders and business owners and taking a grass roots approach to making our communities safe and our financial futures even safer.

I guess that’s why after a long career in physical security and risk management, it has been a pleasure to now seek out those that need financial security as business owners, employees and every day citizens. I am a protector. It’s in my blood. As a former soldier, Chief of Police, Corporate Security Executive and now as a Business Owners’ Planning Advisor, I continue to take pride in protecting others.

For those of you that our paths have already crossed, thank you for letting me serve you and thank you for your business. For those of us that have not yet met, I look forward to showing you how protection can span many aspects of your business and lives and look forward to simply grabbing a cup of coffee with you soon!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! … and be safe out there!

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