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HELLO 2019!

Where did 2018 go? That’s the million- dollar question people tend to ask when the new year is approaching.

With the last quarter of 2018 almost over I’m ready for the New Year as I am sure anyone in the health insurance industry will agree. Renewals, new clients and renewals on the ACA it’s truly exhausting.

Now it’s the time we all reflect on the year that was and start making those New Year’s resolutions. What’s yours for 2019? Losing weight & getting fit, quit smoking, learn something new, eat healthier & diet, get out of debt & save money, spend more time with family, volunteer, be less stressed, travel & lastly make a right with someone who has wronged you.

Whatever your New Years Resolution remember, it’s ok to slip up! If you find yourself slipping off track with your goals you’ve set, forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself! Set mini goals to achieve your overall goals. Big goals can be intimidating. I think we take ourselves too seriously and beat ourselves up when we fail. At the end of the day or year it doesn’t matter that you didn’t get exactly where you wanted to. Per a quote by Michael Hyatt “You can’t fail if you don’t quit. You can’t succeed if you don’t start”.

Every day is an opportunity to move towards your goals, create a better you & make a difference in the world. That’s the reason I got into the insurance Industry so many years ago. I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and I feel I get to do that every day.

I’m personally looking forward to the opportunity to pick up where I left off in some areas and excited to start fresh in others.

Wishing you all an amazing & prosperous 2019!

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