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As I sit here to write this month’s blog I am over come with emotion. I made the decision to blog about a special person that left this earth way to soon.

You see I have always said the most rewarding part of doing what I do, is the people you meet and the friendships you develop along the way.

Teresa Lee “Terri Brusco left her loved ones and friends on June 1, 2018. I had the privilege of attending her services. Sitting there and observing the hundreds of people that filled the church and thinking how loved and admired Terri was by so many people and the lives that she touched. I thought I knew her well but learned so much more about her on that day.

Terri was a lover of strayed dogs & cats and because of the passion and love for these animals she was known as “Mama T”. Terri also was a mentor to many young women & men in a variety of life skills. She also volunteered her time in many charitable organizations as well. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do and was always willing to offer a helping hand.

Terri reminded me of a “First Lady”. Classy, smart, witty, beautiful, generous & a wonderful sense of humor. In all my years of knowing Terri I can’t think of a time that she said anything bad about anyone. Oh, trust me, she had her opinions but when she talked it was never to put anyone down or belittle them. She always gave 100% in everything she did. And that smile could make you forget about the bad day you may have been having once you entered her presence. It was just contagious.

I will miss many things about this beautiful lady. Talking about country music, politics, her adventures for the Summer, Insurance renewals and our “Happy Hours” with Cucumber Martinis.

So, remember, to always tell your family and friends how much you love them and always try to live each day as if it is your last.

Never Forget Yesterday, But Always Live for Today, Because You Never Know What Tomorrow Can Bring, Or What It Can Take Away”! (KUSHANDWIZDOM)

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