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We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and many of us are simply done, done, done with the Rain in April. And yet, winter is gone and we know that Spring and Summer are just around the corner! I’ve decided to take on a Spring Bucket list and invite my friends to join me.

Maybe you’ll want to do the same. Do you want to:

• Plant a garden • Clean out a closet or your garage • Plan a staycation to enjoy the beautiful outside that many come from all over the world to see • Learn a new outside sport like golf, tennis, fishing • Plant flowers right outside your bedroom window so you wake up to them every morning

Looking for a health and financial wellness Spring Bucket List?

• Set up your annual exam before Summer comes • Peak at your FSA funds and plan on using some of them before the rush of the end of the year, maybe new glasses for kids? • Set a workout goal that includes getting outside for part of it • Plan a monthly hike on a new trail that you’ve not yet explored

Whatever you bucket list may be filled with, I hope you choose to fill it with a positive outlook and optimism for a sunny future!

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