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Is anyone else ready for Spring? Well this girl sure is. 16 more days to go but who’s counting. What’s on your list this Spring of things to do? Spring cleaning, going through that dreadful clothes closet and clearing out clothes you haven’t worn in a few years, cleaning out old flower beds & pots and planting new flowers, a weekend getaway, planning your Easter brunch or dinner, coloring Easter eggs or making your favorite Easter basket for your Grandchildren? These are just a few things that come to mind when I think of Spring starting.

Did you know another good thing to do in the Spring is to review your Life Insurance Policies especially if you have had any major life Changes? What might those be? A marriage or divorce, do you need to change your beneficiaries? Did you purchase a home and have enough life insurance to cover the amount and duration of the loan? If you have children, have you evaluated the living expenses and the potential college tuition? This one seems to get missed more times than not. Remember, the reason you purchased the Insurance to begin with. To protect you and or family against a financial disaster. So, do yourself a favor, and review those policies from time to time. Don’t wait for something to happen to find out you forgot to add this to your Spring Cleaning List!

Spring Forward which also means Daylight Saving Time is March 11th. Wishing you all a healthy & blessed Spring!

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