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We think of January as the start of new year. For me, April and beginning of spring, is the true start of the year. Winter is over and we can look forward to the flowers and trees blooming and growing new leaves. It’s a time for spring cleaning and organizing our lives. You may feel encouraged to clean out the garage, reorganize the junk drawer or plant fresh flowers in your garden. Every little step towards cleaning out the old and starting fresh gives us a mental and visual boost.

Spring is in the air… let your health and life insurance bloom too!

With spring, we can also begin to think about planning for and making decisions about health, disability and life insurance. For those on or eligible for Medicare, enrollment begins in October for health insurance but learning about the details now can make a stress-free decision time later in the year. For individual health insurance, the Marketplace enrollment begins in November and both periods have a short time frame to decide. Do you know you need to learn more about or purchase disability or life insurance for you and your family? Springtime is a good time to begin educating yourself and getting all your questions answered now before the busy end of the year catches you by surprise. Early planning for your health and life coverage is like new flowers and blooms that can put smile on your face now and the protection and benefits that keep blooming for your family for a lifetime.

Contact us if we can help you with any questions, education or policy changes you would like to see.

Happy Spring!

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