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Classes to select, school supplies to purchase, new clothes, backpacks, schedules, lunches, transportation and the list goes on and on. If feels like running a marathon at times.

I’ve come up with a short Back-to-School Health Checklist:

  • Be up to date on vaccines

Vaccinations protect children from a range of serious illnesses and are covered as an essential health benefit. They are often necessary for some children to be enrolled. And don’t forget about the flu shot also!

  • Get an annual physical

No back-to-school health checklist would be complete without an annual physical. These head-to-toe checkups may also be required for your child to attend school or to participate in extracurricular activities. The good news is that a well-child visit is yet another covered essential health benefit. (If you are reading this blog you may have just earned a $25 gift card. The first two people who email me directly will get a Visa gift card!) INA staff not eligible.

  • Don’t have insurance? CHIP may be the answer!

So, the last thing on our back-to-school health checklist is geared towards low-income families, or families who aren’t enrolled in a health insurance plan but are looking to cover their kids. If you fall under this category, you can apply for CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP provides high-quality coverage for free or at a reduced cost.

Here’s wishing all the children and young adults a very exciting and successful school year!

I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr. Seuss:

You Have Brains in Your Head. You Have Feet in Your Shoes. You Can Steer Yourself Any Direction You Choose!

Best in Health!

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