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INA Benefits Group Commitment to Customer Service!

As I was contemplating on what to write this month for some reason Customer Service came to mind. Certainly, with the pandemic so many things have changed and some not for the best. Customer Service happens to be one of those.

The definition of Customer Service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services!

This has been the driving force of who INA is and what we strive for every day we are collaborating with our clients or a prospect. Something that seems so easy and effortless, yet we do not get many times as a consumer!

So, what is the secret to receiving great customer service you ask?

You must have Empathy! Meaning you must be able to relate to your customers to give them the experience they deserve. Put the customer at the center of everything you do and oversee them with the utmost respect.

There are three most important things in customer service according to Brittany Hodak who is a keynote speaker and author: She calls them the “3P’s:”.

Professionalism, patience & people first attitude.

Customer service varies from customer to customer but if you follow these guidelines you will prevail.

At INA Benefits Group I would say we do this well. With our 24-7-365 days you will always be taken care of. After all our clients is who makes us successful! My granddaughter summed it up best with the below message.

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