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Summertime! Let the fun and building memories begin!

What is on your calendar for things you have planned this, Summer?

If you need ideas, check out the below!

  1. MAKE A SUMMER BUCKET LIST [Things are just easier to do when you plan. And if you are like me, planning can feel exhausting because it takes so much time. You do not have to do all the planning on your own, get the whole family involved.

Gather the family and allow each person to produce a few, reasonable, things that you all can do as a family. Write it on your list and hang it somewhere that you all can see it. At the beginning of each week, plan to do a couple of those items (do not forget to check the weather].

  • RAINY DAY ACTIVITIES [Even in the summer, it rains somedays and that can be such a damper to your planned day at the Zoo. Here is a fun way to help bust any rainy-day boredom happening in your house. This activity I pulled from online and looks fun and it gets the entire family involved].

  • Grab a package of popsicle sticks (some call them craft sticks and a permanent marker.

  • Write out a science experiment, board game, movie, craft, or item to bake on at least twenty sticks.

  • Then place in a jar. The kids can decorate the jars.

  • Draw from the jar during a rainy day or when you are bored and have nothing else to do.

  • DO IT!

  • MAKE A SUMMER PHOTO ALBUM [Taking photos of your daily happenings. With today’s technology, you can have your photos printed on so many diverse types of pages for your albums, tile, blocks and so many other neat photo ideas. Throughout your summer activities capture those moments and then create the perfect way to display those memories].

Regardless of what you end up doing this Summer enjoy the time with your family and friends. Life is so precious, and we need to live every day to its fullest! So, grab those popsicles or ice cream cones and savior every lick!

Charles Bowden once said, “Summertime is always the best of what might be”!

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